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I have a PhD in bioinformatics and art is my hobby.

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Hitting the newgrounds

Posted by Kamikaye - July 28th, 2009

Hello everyone ! (sounds like highschool anime-sub)

I hit newgrounds the first time about 3 years ago. There was no art portal back then and since I didnt make flash I didnt register and just played games and watched movies out of the shadows of anon.
But this weekend I finally registered and decided to contribute instead of pure consuming. Since Im more of an artist than a flash creator Ill dwell in the art section for now until I might find out that flash is not magic.

Regards Kamikaye

Comments (11)

Wow! your art is so crazy, glad to see you here man!

Like your stuff. Favorited two of them...

Shit man, you are one of the best fantasy artists on NG along with Archir...with the only difference being that she makes only pics of monsters while you make landscapes...l might regret saying this, but l don't think that you should give out your art for free..l mean, it's fine by NG of course but l think that you should work for some fantasy book writer...the illustrations would look awesome!

Hey thx :) I worked for some book writers in germany already , but Im fine with showcasing my stuff at some sites. ^^

man, you're like the best artist on the whole dang site! keep it up!

Your artwork is absolutely fantastic.

Hey thx :)

How are you not scouted yet? =O

I recommended you ;P Hopefully will happen soon.

I was scouted before the reboot , and now Im again , thx for your support :D

Your art is just purely amazing.
I want you scouted so that I can favorite it!

I am now again , I wasnt scouted yesterday because of the art portal reboot ;)
Thx for your support.

No. Just... no. I don't buy it. Sorry, but I simply refuse to accept that art of this scope, this atmosphere, this level of excellence could even exist. So nope, I don't think your art is even real. I must be imagining it...

Hane any Deviantart account? 'cause I'm gonna add you, Van Gogh! Hope to learn something from ya!

Yea I have ,same name like here :)

tio ... su arte es un gran hermano

Lame arts!