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Looking forward to the 30th birthday vid. So about 10 months eh ? Its coming. :D

Hahaha awesome. A slice of life showing the isolated social circles of the characters. Will Tito ever get new pants ?

Wtf was I watching ! Top notch animation, that strange but elduding blend of styles with 3D, filmed parts and hand frame drawn animation was fascinating to watch. This is what really drew me in and kept me watching. But the story and dialog leave me undecided. Its crazy and over the top and fit the animation style blend, but together its a bit too much.

Schuschinus responds:

Yes, the story is weird. I don´t want to make lengthy dialogues, but a conventional story is dull, when it´s not carried by well written dialogues. So I decided to make it crazy.

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Wow massive kudos to you for this project ! Regarding all the references I hope you made it into a paper ! It communicates the complex situation very well. - - To simulate different risks of transmission you could add (invisible or marked) zones in the map that elevate risk (mall, sports, or use a noise map since the patients move randomly anyway). Might over-complicate things but since you mention it prominently under limitations.

It really gets frantic in the later stages and shows how hard decisions fall onto the decider.

kikill responds:

Thanks again Kamikaye! Your feedback makes me feel validated in more ways than one. You're the second epidemiologist to give a favorable view of the work. And as a long-time active (and decorated) contributor of the Newgrounds community, I hold your opinion as a gamer and game-maker in very high regard indeed.

Thanks as well for giving me an idea I can get excited about for Version 2 of the game.


Really like it ! I think the potential is there, but balancing and ressources would need to open up to provide enough freedom to have more than one solution or BO or it could get frustrating with bigger playfields.


Very nice indeed. Its cool to see how you take on your fantasy to such projects :)

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Yea one of my fav genres. I'll add it to my synthwave playlist !

Lutt5643 responds:

ur one an G


I like this a lot, electronic feeling and trance elements in balance. :)

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Really bad apm incoming there. But + for style :D

Ohyea that hits it very well. The muted colors and that reflection in the mirror as the shocking detail !

Eurns responds:

thanks man!

Well captured scene ! I've been on these piers :) I really like the color grading in the sky !

I have a PhD in bioinformatics and art is my hobby.

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