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Kamikaye's News

Posted by Kamikaye - June 23rd, 2020

While pondering abut my game creation ambitions from time to time I keep researching and creating asset pipelines. Since pixel graphic games are going through a strong revival why not create a pipeline for pixelated art. I'm not a pixel artist though, I paint in broad strokes, I occasionaly use Magica Voxel. But I'm also a imaging guy, so maybe imaging can do something here.


Converting isometric renders to convincing pixel assets includes more than just lowering the resolution. But it's an important step. At the right time.

For this image I took a recent Magica Voxel building that I rendered with a randomly generated baseplate (I made a script that generates these). Reduced the resolution with a 15x15 pixelation filter in Krita and applied a local Variance Normalization with an amplitude of about 15. This really rescues all the faint edges and crannies and creates an overall more sharp image while preserving the solid black for the alpha channel.

Do you enjoy reading technical things like that ?

Let me know what you think !



Posted by Kamikaye - October 31st, 2019

So, I totally fluked out of Inktober. But I discovered my affinity to acrylic painting. Here are 4 small color studies on artist's board. And the cities in my gallery of late 2019 (in case this stands again for half a decade) Sure, they don't compare to my usual fantasy scifi fare. Yet. But I'm on it.iu_65853_2931182.jpg


Posted by Kamikaye - July 2nd, 2016

So this yea I heard about Robot Day in time.  Honing my character-design skills with the mechanical sky major. 2931182_146745665722_robotdaygeneralwip.jpg


Posted by Kamikaye - May 2nd, 2016

Again some steampunk !  Color WIP.


Posted by Kamikaye - July 7th, 2015

So. I heard some people whispering my name :)  Just with some scientific deadline due on the same day. Still gonna try !

Robotday 2015.


Posted by Kamikaye - April 20th, 2013

I created a facebook page. And Im working on some new stuff after practicing lots of traditional media in the past weeks.

Here it is:

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kamikaye/10105409 6763909

Posted by Kamikaye - December 20th, 2011

I was asked to partake in Ludum Dare 22 as painter and leveldesigner for Schizophrenia during last saturday morning's breakfast and now I proudly present the finished game !

Here is the Ludum Dare Entry link ! Go take a look, Windows and Mac Versions are available:

http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-d are-22/?action=preview&uid=1907

Heres a screenshot:

Ludum Dare 22 - Schizophrenia

Posted by Kamikaye - June 27th, 2011

After finishing the Solar 2 Promo Image I jumped into more bachelor thesis things and university courses. Being a biology student isn't easy but it's rewarding for the insights you gain.
Right now Im working on some backgrounds for Jazza's Ortus, it's one friggin huge game ,that's what I can tell by now.

Im looking forward to Robot Day 201x (if I dont update this in this decade it's still right !) !

Posted by Kamikaye - September 22nd, 2010

Wow neat :D
Kinda frontpaged :)

I heard the rumors about a console version of Madness. Im somewhat looking forward to that. :D

And I swear that I will work in higher resolutions from now on :S Curse CS 4 and its memory hunger.

Posted by Kamikaye - August 6th, 2010

My mind was blown twice today.

Inception and Minecraft