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Robot Day

2016-07-02 06:51:09 by Kamikaye

So this yea I heard about Robot Day in time.  Honing my character-design skills with the mechanical sky major. 2931182_146745665722_robotdaygeneralwip.jpg

Bringing the light

2016-05-02 17:53:43 by Kamikaye

Again some steampunk !  Color WIP.


Robotday 2015

2015-07-07 19:22:35 by Kamikaye

So. I heard some people whispering my name :)  Just with some scientific deadline due on the same day. Still gonna try !

Robotday 2015.


facebook page

2013-04-20 12:35:42 by Kamikaye

I created a facebook page. And Im working on some new stuff after practicing lots of traditional media in the past weeks.

Here it is:

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kamikaye/10105409 6763909

Ludum Dare 22 - Schizophrenia

2011-12-20 13:44:16 by Kamikaye

I was asked to partake in Ludum Dare 22 as painter and leveldesigner for Schizophrenia during last saturday morning's breakfast and now I proudly present the finished game !

Here is the Ludum Dare Entry link ! Go take a look, Windows and Mac Versions are available:

http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-d are-22/?action=preview&uid=1907

Heres a screenshot:

Ludum Dare 22 - Schizophrenia

Projects and stuff

2011-06-27 18:06:31 by Kamikaye

After finishing the Solar 2 Promo Image I jumped into more bachelor thesis things and university courses. Being a biology student isn't easy but it's rewarding for the insights you gain.
Right now Im working on some backgrounds for Jazza's Ortus, it's one friggin huge game ,that's what I can tell by now.

Im looking forward to Robot Day 201x (if I dont update this in this decade it's still right !) !


2010-09-22 13:28:09 by Kamikaye

Wow neat :D
Kinda frontpaged :)

I heard the rumors about a console version of Madness. Im somewhat looking forward to that. :D

And I swear that I will work in higher resolutions from now on :S Curse CS 4 and its memory hunger.

Inception and Minecraft

2010-08-06 20:05:39 by Kamikaye

My mind was blown twice today.

Inception and Minecraft

Ongoing things

2010-07-22 13:16:02 by Kamikaye

lots of sketches. And a bigger thing hits the portal in the next days. The arch-enemy of the Ninjabarge.
The Samurai-Warship. Made yesterday instead of learning for todays last exam. So I basicly put at least some partial exam-grade into it beside sweat and time.

Ongoing things

Available for comissions again

2010-07-21 17:25:20 by Kamikaye

Yea. Im through the exam phase and university summer semester is over. Now Im awaiting Starcraft 2 right on time.
As stated Im available again for projects and stuff. So feel free to ask if you think that my style (as displayed in my gallery) fits. :)