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University .. gnnnahhrw

Posted by Kamikaye - December 15th, 2009

It sucks time like a cluster of black holes !

And why ? Because german university freaks out on that *new* bachelor master system. Everything is supposed to be electronic and via internet. And now Im carrying around a folder with sheets where my profs can write down their signatures and in the end I get a stamp on that thing ... like 1830 AD.
just without cool stuff like steampunk machines , magic radioactivity and alchemy. (which certainly existed back then)

But thats just one point. Another is that they shortened the study time a lot (from about 7 years to 5) WITHOUT shortening the stuff you have to learn. So 98 % of the people learn the book by heart ,write the exam and forget. Probably 70 % of the people in my year cant answer simple question about things you learn at school.

You get grades like in school, you get homework (FFS homework !, why did I finish school ? Just to run into more homework ? I wanted to work by myself onto my OWN goals and with my OWN methods), I did a year civil duty and during that time I had way more responsibility and decision power about what I do and how. Even though I was officially doing a duty with a coordinator and higher ops.

I expected university to be a place where you can think on your own , have your own way through the science you love and graduate on the topics you prefer.

But thx to the crippled bachelor university culture died and Im in school again.

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aH~! I'm With You!
Love your artwork :j

Hey Listen i really like your work and i was wondering If you can just answer some Q&A so i could be more Arty XDD

you know so..

How'd you started to draw so good? its amaziong for me to see work like yours!

I want to draw somtings like that but in my way... so what software/programs u use? and shit!



well thx :)

Well I didnt start to draw like that from zero. Ive been drawing on PC for about 8 years or so now.
So it did take some time ;)

Your art work is amazing sir, Especially at how much of a short time it takes you to complete it...

I'm getting fed up with school myself, Still in secondary. This is my last year there, got about 6 months left. May have a break or go straight into college.

Good luck.

Thx :)
Due to my lack of time I have to work fast ^^

you really are one of the best artists on NG,you paint epic scenery,its like you have created a whole different world,its really impressive

Thx :D Yea I kinda have ... ;)

Jaja, der gute Bachelor. Ich darf mich auch damit rumplagen. Da fängt man das Studieren an und huch schon bald vorbei. Meine Uni hat eine tolle e-mail rumgeschickt, in der es heißt, dass man dieses "verschulen" der Uni bekämpfen wolle.
Mit weniger Klausuren und mehr Präsenlehre, kleineren Gruppen, stärkeren Fokus auf Selbststudium und mehr INDIVIDUELLE Ergänzung. Wo die da wohl die Zeit vom Hauptstudium abzweigen?!.
Ich bin gespannt.

Schöne Bilder übrigens. Vielleicht kannst du mir mal ein CD-Cover zeichnen =)!


Die Uni Hamburg geht da (zumindest in der Biologie) einen ganz eigenen Weg. Weg von kleinen Gruppen zur grossen Masse, 50 % weniger Lehrpersonal , Praktika mit MIN. 30 Teilnehmern (in Genetik sitzen die Leute teilweise auf der Fensterbank neben den Geräten) und natürlich mehr Workload für den Einzelnen. Gestern z.b. bekam ich die Werte des neuen Genetik-Experiments zugemailt , die sollen doch bitte zu einem Protokoll verarbeitet werden bis zum 4.1. ,herrlich diese entspannte Weihnachtszeit !

Ja thx :) Würd ich gerne wenn ich irgendwann ma Zeit finde , deine Musik klingt ganz gut :D Aber ich arbeite niemals gratis , dsa schonmal vorweg ;)

I can't believe you're a Bio student and aren't doing art for a living. Your paintings are far better than hundreds of professional artists I've seen out there.

xD =)