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Oh I really like what you did with the colors here ! Was it on purpose that most color areas have exactly 4 color neighbors ?

PkBlitz responds:

Thanks a lot! I don't think I necessarily meant to do that, but it was the solution that worked the best, so yeah, that's what I arrived to. The original design had 4 prominent colors, but honestly they weren't working together very well. I tried to solve the problem by making all of the colors "talk" to each other, bleed them through the other colors on each part of the drawing, and because of that most areas have the specific neighbors that they have... also I really wanted that psychedelic look y'know ^^

Very good ! I dig the contrast of these old-timey buildings in disrepair with the fancy holos. Priorities communicated.

Looks like just another day in another dimension ! Too bad with the darkness in print though :/

Very beautiful ! I really dig the falling leaves, they fit in perfectly, the frame rate is spot on.
The sunrays are a nice idea, rarely seen in this perspective in pixel art I think.

AnasAbdin responds:

thank you! glad you like it :)

Wow ! Really cool work ! I love cycled background animation like this :) Colors, lights and proportions are all on point for a dystopian neon future theme. Which programm did you use ?

Cryofluid responds:

Thanks, I used UE4

I really love these round token designs. Looks great !

I really like how you create well lit scenes with a limited color palette and resolution. Every pixel counting :)

radshoe responds:

Thanks! ^^

An intriguing choice of colors ! Conveys the eerie feeling really well ! Like the detail contrasting to lead the eye to the ghostly procession in addition to the brightness !

I really dig the atmosphere and story told in this piece with limited palette and frame !

radshoe responds:

holy shit thanks man! Means a lot coming from such a talented artist. ;D

For a first digital landscape it's pretty neat.

First thing for depth would be a background color. A bright desaturated blue for example. So the bright hills get some more contrast.
And it needs stronger shadows if the sun is in a position like this. Like in the bottom right corner, that looks good already.
Coming back to the blue sky, you can use that blue in small quantities as haze in the riverbed to show the distance.
I always start with a background color that represents the atmosphere.
And you might want to look at reference pictures, googling for "rocky landscape" and hills and such stuff. Carefully observe haze, lighting conditions and texture of the rock. Textures went pertty well on the right side mountains for now, but the left mountain needs work I think.

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